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This is the 'official' Internet domain of the one-man developer Lameguy64 of Meido-Tek Productions, probably most known for making PlayStation homebrew and one of the very few who's most knowledgeable of the hardware. The Meido-Tek name is probably redundant as only one person is behind it so it can't be considered a group of sorts but the name stuck anyway.

Feel free to browse around my site to your heart's content. This site used to be hosted on some piece of crap SBC but thanks to shitty ISP changes preventing me from hosting things myself, this website is now kindly hosted by the IRIX Network since December 3, 2019.

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An FTP of old software and drivers I've gathered over the years. I decided to host the latter here as it's been getting harder and harder to find driver archives hosting old drivers these days that won't just give you ScamMalwareDriverUpdater.exe that only serve to piss you off.

Remember to login to the FTP as annoyingmous.

News Blog

A blog style listing of all news posts on this website. Obscuring any information on the posts when taking a screenshot is strictly prohibited. DMCA takedown abuse will be used if absolutely necessary.


Various projects I've created and worked on over the years and probably the most interesting section of this website. Mostly PlayStation related but there are some projects for other platforms as well.

Other Stuff

Miscellaneous things such as my hardware collection and shitty drawings fall under here.

Latest News


New thing coming up: n00bROM!

Posted April 9, 2020 8:02AM MST

Haven't been able to update my website very much, was mostly busy with work in the past few months and then this Made in China outbreak happened. At least I can focus full-time with my projects during this quarantine period, but staying home all day tends to get really monotonous and I miss going to the surplus shops for any neat goodies to get.

Anyway, thanks to this quarantine thing a little project of mine has been taking shape considerably. This project being n00bROM and it's basically my own take on a Caetla equivalent but more developer oriented. Development of n00bROM started around late last year with the intent of making an open source equivalent of Caetla that can be adopted for use in custom homebrewn cartridge devices and more developer oriented, as n00bROM will likely never receive cheat or viewer/player capabilities that Caetla has.

n00bROM supports downloading PS-EXEs from serial or parallel port with an Xplorer, direct TTY to serial hook for both stdin and stdout, exception handler, built-in flash capability for easy ROM updating and finally, booting CDs and PS-EXEs with nocash unlock or swap trick, allowing to read or boot CD-Rs on unmodified consoles.

Whilst n00bROM is pretty bare bones in comparison to Caetla as it lacks a number of features that would be useful for homebrew developers such as memory upload/download, VRAM upload/download and PCDRV as of the making of this post, n00bROM makes up for this by being far more compact than Caetla as the ROM size is currently around 25KB. Due to the small ROM size of n00bROM, I have plans of implementing a feature to store multiple PS-EXEs into the otherwise unused EEPROM space, so you can have your favorite homebrew utilities or demos readily available in the cartridge. The aforementioned features that are currently absent in n00bROM will be added soon, especially PCDRV.

Expect n00bROM to be released either this weekend or next week. Just need to do a bunch of cleaning, tidying up and writing the readme documentation. Ignore the links shown in the notice screen as n00bROM is obviously not even out yet, I'm sure I'll be releasing it along with source code once its ready for big show.

Check out News Blog for more news items.

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