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This is the official Internet domain of the one-man developer Lameguy64 of Meido-Tek Productions, probably most known for his works in the PlayStation scene. Here, you can find and read about various things and potentially useful resources I've made over the years, as well as reading about updates from me in the News Blog as I can't be bothered to participate in mainstream Social Crapdia, as fun as it may sound to others (trust me, I'm not exactly nice around people, or that's what I think).

Feel free to browse around or abuse my site to your heart's content. Although having my own dedicated website is probably quite redundant given the majority of my major stuff is hosted on other places like Github and people nowadays are quite reluctant to access any site that isn't on https because cowards. I don't really expect anyone to 'follow' this site for news posts I occasionally make.

If you're not a sort who's cowardly of the idea of connecting an old computer to the Internet, you can actually browse this website on really old browsers without issue! Expect to see some formatting issues on things I've not yet adapted for older browsers but I've done my best to make things at least presentable on them, which is much to be be said about many "retro" websites where they don't even load at all due to stupid mandatory https... Retro my ass. Oh wait, the word "retro" is considered forbidden in my Internet vocabulary... Shit.

Summary of Site Categories


A file directory of assorted items such as mirror copies of old free software and drivers I've gathered over the years but can't be bothered to write a page just for listing them. The drivers are most likely the useful part given finding drivers for old things is getting progressively harder to find due to search engines favoring websites that only offers ScamMaliciousMalwareDriverUpdaterPro.exe as the only download available.

Because of stupid web browser changes the FTP directory can now be browsed as a html index. Accessing the directory through the actual FTP protocol may be reinstated in a later time even though nobody's likely going to access the directory that way.

News Blog

A blog style listing of all news posts on this website. Obscuring any information on the posts when taking a screenshot is strictly prohibited. DMCA takedown abuse will be used if absolutely necessary, even though I actually can't issue such things but the idea is still there.


Projects I've created over the years and is probably the most interesting section of this website, usually with a Github repo.

Other Stuff

Miscellaneous things such as my hardware collection and crappy drawings fall under here.

Recent News


Well this was fun to end the year with

Posted December 26, 2021 1:35AM PST

As some may have noticed a few weeks ago my website went down sometime around the 3rd week of December where visiting would load the Irix Network website instead to a point that it actually convinced some people that the domain name of my website had expired, even though that would be until January 29 of next year.

This breakage was caused when Raion (who runs the Irix Network and also provides hosting for me ever since I lost the ability to do so myself due to ISP changes) performed a major ABI update on my host to address a security issue which not only broke the configuration in said host but also the routing of my website's IP- taking anyone who tries to visit to the Irix Network website instead. To make things even better I also contracted pneumonia around this time as well, so that was fun having to not only fix the host but also dealing with illness at the same time. Fortunately I'm already cured from said illness as of the writing of this post and at least I didn't contract the Made in China flu.

It took a few frustrating days to troubleshoot the strange MySQL issues I was having in trying to get my website going (with solutions I've found on the Internet rooting for Linux based systems not helping, as the host runs FreeBSD) to a point that I've arranged to move my website over to a different host provided by Ed Neil (who most notably donated me a 12MHz 286 this year all the way from the UK) in case I couldn't get Raion's host to work. Eventually Raion brought up a solution that did work so I stuck on his host in the end, though my website was on Ed's host for a day as a sanity check to make sure the functions my php pages were using haven't become deprecated in newer php versions.

But anyway, my website's now fully operational including the SVN repos except the FTP which I'll see about setting up at a later time. Haven't really posted in a long while since my last post as there wasn't really anything of interest that occurred during that period. Part of me feels like I've just run out of steam and I haven't been as energetic with working on projects as I used to for some reason and I had to scale back my upcoming video project to account for that, which I'll be working on next year. My drawing abilities are also severely waning that I should start drawing more regularly just to maintain that ability. I guess this is one of those slow years where not much really happens which isn't helped by the Made in China pandemic making everything so bloody dreary and miserable.

Link to my original Scarlet Engine repository

Posted August 23, 2021 12:35PM PST

Because it's been taking me too fucking forever to get around making a proper page about my ill fated Scarlet Engine, of which, I made a demonstration video of a few years ago, I'll put up a link to the original code repository the project was developed with as a news post in the meantime. It has become horribly long overdue by this point and I've been meaning to put the repository up for people to use as code references regarding writing low-level graphics routines on the PlayStation, something of a rarity in the homebrew scene in general. Just remember to login using the usual public credentials this website is using. If you're not familiar to the bizarre conventions of this crummy website the hint lies on the FTP part of the website.

I actually gave away the link to the original repo on my Dickord server at some point, but that server is no more now as Lameguy64 is not allowed to form a community of any kind. This also means the message board thing I was working on briefly earlier this year is pretty much canned. I imagine it would be easily exploitable anyway.

I recommend messing around with revision 63 as I believe that was the revision the demo video I made was built with. As this predates PSn00bSDK by a long shot it must be compiled with PsyQ or the Programmers Tool SDK which I believe people don't seem to mind using. If you use any bits of code that you found useful from the repo I would appreciate if you give credit where it is due... Unless you wish to be an asshole which I don't really mind either way. I need more research before I delve into a project like this again.
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