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This is the 'official' Internet domain of the one-man developer Lameguy64 of Meido-Tek Productions, probably most known for making PlayStation homebrew and one of the very few who's most knowledgeable of the hardware. The Meido-Tek name is probably redundant as only one person is behind it so it can't be considered a group of sorts but the name stuck anyway.

Feel free to browse around my site to your heart's content. This site used to be hosted on some piece of crap SBC but thanks to shitty ISP changes preventing me from hosting things myself, this website is now kindly hosted by the IRIX Network since December 3, 2019.

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An FTP of old software and drivers I've gathered over the years. I decided to host the latter here as it's been getting harder and harder to find driver archives hosting old drivers these days that won't just give you ScamMalwareDriverUpdater.exe that only serve to piss you off.

Remember to login to the FTP as annoyingmous.

News Blog

A blog style listing of all news posts on this website. Obscuring any information on the posts when taking a screenshot is strictly prohibited. DMCA takedown abuse will be used if absolutely necessary.


Various projects I've created and worked on over the years and probably the most interesting section of this website. Mostly PlayStation related but there are some projects for other platforms as well.

Other Stuff

Miscellaneous things such as my hardware collection and shitty drawings fall under here.

Latest News


Slow, slow and SLOW!

Posted July 12, 2020 5:22AM MST

Production's been going really slow on the Libretto video I promised to make in my last video, largely as I have to go through several script rewrites so I can cover the thing properly as best as I could as I want to avoid half-arsing it. At least the more time I've spend on the Libretto I'm learning some of its quirks that I would have otherwise not noticed and would've not covered in the video if I got that done sooner. Hopefully the video will turn out great once it's done.

As for some brief updates. I've gotten some new gear as of late, such as a Sony DCR-TRV820 Digital Handycam which is a Digital8 camcorder that can actually do proper widescreen, which is something my VX1000 can't really do. I've also found a Compaq EISA 486 system that needs a bit of work to get going, namely the power supply is busted and I need to replace a MOSFET that exploded and possibly a bunch of caps. I'm most certainly going to do a video of that system once it's fixed up, though the only downside with it is its missing the front panel as it got completely smashed off the thing and there's no model number stated anywhere on the chassis to determine the exact model of Compaq it was. Other things I've got is a box of 50 (43 remained in the box) 3.5" floppies that are actually of pretty decent quality, a Model M keyboard which I've found just yesterday when this post was made and a Cosmic Baton Girl puzzle set, a show I used to watch as a kid but actually completely forgotten about until I spotted that set. Bought it anyway just for the hell of it, as there was literally no Cosmic Baton Girl merch available anywhere back when that show used to air on Animax, which figures as the original run of the show had long since ended when I watched it as a kid.

As for n00bROM, well it has improved quite a lot since I last brought it up here, the most notable improvement being it now uses the BIOS bootstrap routine instead of n00bROM's own bootstrap code to boot the CD-ROM for increased compatibility and reduces the size of the n00bROM ROM to make way for new features to be added whilst keeping it below 32KB. As for PSn00bSDK, it's still been worked upon from time to time and I'm still holding off doing any large scale work on it for awhile. Just now I've added support for multi-session CDs for both utility type homebrews, such as an upcoming Lameflash utility, but also so I won't be wasting CD-Rs as much when testing CD-ROM related things on real hardware. This is currently in the SVN repo as of the making of this post as I want to test it extensively before committing it to the mainline repo on Github, but this shouldn't take too long.

Check out News Blog for more news items.

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