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John "Lameguy" Wilbert Villamor - The twerp responsible of this website and the works you find here... YouTube channels who dare hide my name and face shall be subjected to DMCA takedown abuse upon discovery, if it can still be done without repercussions.

I'm just some Asian dork who runs a Youtube channel as a hobby, and tinkers with old technology a lot as I find them a lot more interesting than most of the modern crud that's around these days, especially when it comes to programming. I'm sometimes known around the PlayStation homebrew scene being the author of the PSn00bSDK project from gaining eight years of programming experience for the console.

I was the last one born of 5 siblings during April Fool's Day of 1996... Fortunately April Fools is not really considered a thing in the Pinaylands.

I don't have any plans to make any money out of my works presented on this site largely as its just a hobby thing to me personally, and that I feel like I'm ripping people off if I start charging for software that may not be up for purpose to the end user, plus handling online payments is a whole load of hassle in of itself... I don't even want to accept donations as people would probably start expecting more from me if I open such a thing up, and that I don't want to look like an e-begger, of which, there are countless of those on YouTube with their DisplayPorteons that they plug in their videos every 5 seconds or so. Maybe when I get around to making a large enough project that would justify charging people for it someday.

Things I like:

Things I'm unsure of whether I like it or not:

Things I don't like:

Programming Languages I know (from first learned to most recent):

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To those wondering if I'm on social media, sorry, I don't have one nor do I plan to make one as mainstream social media is shit. However, you can find me in the following places, but you'll have to find them yourself:

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