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About Myself (Lameguy64)

The idiot responsible for this website. Those who dare hide my name and face in a video shall be subjected to DMCA takedown abuse regardless.

I'm just some Asian dork on the Internet who runs a small Youtube channel as a hobby and develops various things for the PS1. Usually development related. With six years worth of PS1 programming know-how and over a decade of general programming experience. I have no plans to monetize off my works anytime soon especially as the things I make are for very niche applications. Besides, my day job is good enough to keep me funded and I rather keep my videos ad free for improved enjoyability and that none of my newer videos are particularly ad friendly at any rate.

I generally like collecting old technology, usually computers. But I also collect the odd piece of AV gear here and there. Unlike most collectorhoarders I actually make use of the things in my collection whenever it finds a use, so nothing I own ever really goes to waste. Its better to make the most out of something than to just leave it on a shelf never to be used as the thing will eventually break either way. Nothing lasts forever after all.

I was the last one born of 5 siblings during April Fool's Day of 1996... Fortunately April Fools is not really celebrated in the Philippines.

Things I like (or not like) doing: Programming Languages I know (from first learned to most recent)

You can find me in the following places if you're interested:

To those wondering if I run a social media account. Sorry, I don't have one nor do I plan to make one as (un)social media is shit.

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