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Here I post stupid drawings I've made shortly before and after I called it quits in regards to art crap. I refuse to post any of my new drawings in places like DeviantfArt or the cesspool of annoyingmous that is Twatblr. I much rather remain disconnected from such art cummunities because frankly, I think I'm doing a favor.

The drawings you find here may look like art, but I personally don't recognize them as art even though they may look like such.Hence why I avoid using the word 'art' on this page.

Some drawings in this page may actually be vectors. Something most, if not all, art websites don't support to this very day. If you're some artist backed with any degree of accomplishment who for whatever reason is interested in getting in touch with me, I strongly advise against it or you're going to regret it. More importantly, what the hell are you doing in some dipshit's boring gallery anyway? This is all junk to the eyes of those who have any semblence of artistic standards.

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