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Here I post stupid drawings I've made shortly before and after I called it quits in regards to art crap. I refuse to post any of my new drawings in places like DeviantfArt or the cesspool of annoyingmous that is Twatblr. I much rather remain disconnected from such art cummunities, as I am not mentally fit to participate in such places.

The drawings you find here may look like art, but I don't call them art even though they may look like such. Hence why I avoid using the word 'art' on this page.

Unlike most (prehistoric) image gallery systems including ones found in large mainstream websites, this gallery supports SVG vector images so a number of drawings you'll find here are vectors. You can tell if an image is a vector by zooming into the thumbnails on this page. Drawings that retain their sharpness are in no doubt vectors, so have fun viewing them on your fancy 4K smartarse TVs, monitors, or workstation CRTs capable of ridiculous resolutions!

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