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Why have a self hosted blog instead of using existing social media services for posting updates you ask? Well social media is generally annoying to me and the benefit of using a self hosted blog is I can post whatever the hell I want without worrying about it taken down over stupid reasons and I can boast about actually hosting my own blog rather than registering to some exiting social media service for posting updates. Not that I'd use this for nefarious purposes especially when I have absolutely no care of anything political and that people should keep their politics up their arses.

Anyway, here you'll find all the posts I've made on this site.


New thing coming up: n00bROM!

Posted April 9, 2020 8:02AM MST

Haven't been able to update my website very much, was mostly busy with work in the past few months and then this Made in China outbreak happened. At least I can focus full-time with my projects during this quarantine period, but staying home all day tends to get really monotonous and I miss going to the surplus shops for any neat goodies to get.

Anyway, thanks to this quarantine thing a little project of mine has been taking shape considerably. This project being n00bROM and it's basically my own take on a Caetla equivalent but more developer oriented. Development of n00bROM started around late last year with the intent of making an open source equivalent of Caetla that can be adopted for use in custom homebrewn cartridge devices and more developer oriented, as n00bROM will likely never receive cheat or viewer/player capabilities that Caetla has.

n00bROM supports downloading PS-EXEs from serial or parallel port with an Xplorer, direct TTY to serial hook for both stdin and stdout, exception handler, built-in flash capability for easy ROM updating and finally, booting CDs and PS-EXEs with nocash unlock or swap trick, allowing to read or boot CD-Rs on unmodified consoles.

Whilst n00bROM is pretty bare bones in comparison to Caetla as it lacks a number of features that would be useful for homebrew developers such as memory upload/download, VRAM upload/download and PCDRV as of the making of this post, n00bROM makes up for this by being far more compact than Caetla as the ROM size is currently around 25KB. Due to the small ROM size of n00bROM, I have plans of implementing a feature to store multiple PS-EXEs into the otherwise unused EEPROM space, so you can have your favorite homebrew utilities or demos readily available in the cartridge. The aforementioned features that are currently absent in n00bROM will be added soon, especially PCDRV.

Expect n00bROM to be released either this weekend or next week. Just need to do a bunch of cleaning, tidying up and writing the readme documentation. Ignore the links shown in the notice screen as n00bROM is obviously not even out yet, I'm sure I'll be releasing it along with source code once its ready for big show.


My website's now on

Posted January 28, 2020 8:09PM MST

If no longer being able to host my own server wasn't bad enough, my website's domain name has expired a few days ago. Whilst this is not as bad as no longer being able to receive incoming connections to my home Internet it turns out Freenom's free .tk domains are only free for one year. Once that's up you'll have to pay to get the exact old .tk domain renewed and it costs more than registering a new .net domain. So I've decided to just register a new .net domain as it is of better value overall and sounds better than the old name. I've registered it to last two years so I don't have to deal with this for a long while.

So from here on out, if you have anything that references my website you may want to update it to point to It'll take me awhile to update the READMEs of my active projects to use the new domain so you may want to correct them yourself if I haven't got around to updating them yet.

First post of 2020

Posted January 13, 2020 9:10PM MST

Great, another year has passed and haven't got around to make anything that resembles a game project yet with Scarlet Engine being put aside for pretty much the entire year in favor of another but equally as outstanding of project that originally started out as just a small little experiment with the GCC compiler from 2018; the PSn00bSDK Project.

Development of PSn00bSDK was quite rapid last year, having a good amount of the PS1 hardware implemented in the libraries even before a year has passed since the project was pushed out to the public. Disappointingly a great majority of the work had to be done by me to the point that it has made me feel tired of working on the project for awhile, though granted this is my project after all and I'm more of a lone wolf developer than one who has to depend on several other people working together to get things done and I also have to juggle multiple, smaller projects too.

But I did get a few small fixes and corrections here and there from others which I'd otherwise not notice myself as I'm normally most focused in working on the bigger things, which are very well appreciated. I suppose this is mainly due to the fact most people in the PS1 scene are not exactly low level aficionados of the console as I do, and those who were have seemingly retired from the scene.

Perhaps the biggest accomplishment I've made with PSn00bSDK before the year's end was implementing full CD-ROM support that does not use the limited BIOS CD-ROM routines, allowing for full control of the CD-ROM which no other open source SDK for the PS1 has ever had that I'm aware of, or at the very least not as well as how I've implemented it in PSn00bSDK. Some pretty crafty folks supposedly accomplished data streaming from CD in PSn00bSDK, which I don't see it as being impossible to do but the streaming had to be handled with the programmer's own streaming routines as I haven't developed a .STR equivalent for PSn00bSDK yet.

Anyway, we'll see how things turn out and what gets accomplished in 2020. I hope to get back to Scarlet Engine at some point, this time it'll be developed for PSn00bSDK as it has become my de-facto SDK for the PS1 and would perhaps help promote its capabilities not seen in other projects that have come and gone.

As for the hardware side of things, I've aquired a lot of great things in the last year. The CZ-5000, the HD CRT, Toshiba Libretto and a Sony VX1000 Digital HandyCam that is new in box and a bunch of smaller things. So surplus hauls were pretty great in 2019.

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