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Here, you'll find updates and such that I've posted on this site in a rather familiar blog format. No stupid wordpress bullshit around here.

Why have a self hosted blog instead of using existing social media services for posting updates you ask? Well, I personally find social crapdia to be rather annoying and the benefit of a self hosted blog is I can say whatever the hell I want without worry of angering rabid weirdos that prowl about in more mainstream places.


Wow, no updates for an entire year? What a record!

Posted January 18, 2023 12:12PM PST

Guess I just can't really be bothered to maintaining this site anymore these days. Suppose the mundane life of a 'practical man' is starting to put a toll on me, on top of going through tuberculosis since early of last year not helping matters has made it quite difficult for me to keep track of everything but my own inner circles. Things just don't feel the same as it were in my peak years, as most of the time I end up just too tired to do much after work and I have to do more mundane tasks than my own projects at work beginning this year. Maybe this is due to my aforementioned health issues or I've just become fat and complacent, or I just can't be bothered maintaining a presence on the Internet anymore- despite being one who makes fun of people who abandon their presence on a whim.

One things for sure is that I haven't reduced to getting ad revenue off my videos despite the insistence of my family to delve into it, even though there's little point in not monetizing videos because TheirTube still places ads on non-monetized videos anyway. I guess Google can't afford to not put ads on non-monetized videos these days, because ads are far more important than broadcasting yourself.

Virtually zero progress has been made for the Magical Girl project due to being distracted by other projects such as the L-ATA Hard Disk BIOS, further development on a mouse converter and reinstating development of a message board project with various (old fashioned) means of access intended for use with old computer enthusiasts, in particular programmers.

I've also been considering giving this website a major overhaul that would also help in enhancing compatibility with old browsers all throughout the site, and possibly transferring it to a self-hosted system I have currently established out of an old dual Socket 603 Xeon server, used to serve OpenVPN connections at work (because uncle, a.k.a boss, still insists the ancient system isn't obsolete) and has been used for various web development related tests and experiments. Moving to a much more local machine would make it easier to maintain the site and adding new features on it, but this has the problem of down times induced by power or Internet outages instead, which is a regular occurrence at work.

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