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Tools & Resources

Here's some stuff I've made that I don't think are big enough to warrant making individual pages for them. Many of these are just links to github repos where they reside, as they were created before this website exists.


Name Description Platform(s) Repository
MKPSXISO Probably the best ISO creation tool specifically made for PS1 homebrew development and is the only one of its kind that I'm aware of. MKPSXISO is capable of generating 2352 byte per sector ISO images with CD-DA audio tracks and mixed-mode CD-XA and interleaved data for streaming content. It also uses XML with very simple to use directives for scripting the contents of the image project. Windows, Linux and BSDs Github
IMG2TIM An image conversion tool that converts any image file into a TIM or Texture IMage file used in a lot of PS1 games and homebrews for storing textures. It includes very basic color conversion to 4-bit or 8-bit color depth and supports transparency by color-key or alpha channel. Uses the FreeImage library for loading various image formats. Windows, Linux and BSDs Github
LITELOAD A pretty simple serial loader of my own that features binary upload and patch binary capability for patching debug monitors required by PSn00b Debugger. Alternatively mcomms can be used to upload executables to the console. The loader can also be booted from a cheat cartridge with the included ROMstrapper. PS1 Github
MCOMMS Serial comms utility for LITELOAD with built-in serial monitor. It also features a SioFS host for accessing files from the host via serial. Windows only (comms bugged in Linux) Github
PLAYIMF A tiny MS-DOS program that plays ID Software IMF files used in many Apogee/ID Software games in the late 80s and early 90s with perfect accuracy! Obviously requires an Adlib or Soundblaster compatible card to work or use Dosbox. MS-DOS Github


Title Description
Lameguy's PSX Programming Tutorial Series A series of tutorials I've been working on in an on-off basis that covers everything you need to know about programming for the Sony PlayStation. These tutorials mostly applies for the official SDK but most of the practices should be applicable to PSn00bSDK as well. A must read for the serious would-be PlayStation homebrew programmer!

The pages are hosted as a SVN repository as it allows me to easily update the pages while still being able browse them like normal webpages in a web browser. Login to the repository with annoyingmous for both username and password and you may want to check the pages on a semi-regular basis for any new chapters released. The pages are also written in plain HTML to ensure compatibility with old web browsers to those who want to work with development hardware that only works reliably on Win98 systems.
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