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Here, you'll find tutorials I've put together with what little free time I have. These should help you get started with developing stuff for the platforms I've written tutorials for.

Title Description
Lameguy's PSX Programming Tutorial Series A series of tutorials I've been working on in an on-off basis that covers everything you need to know about programming for the Sony PlayStation. These tutorials mostly applies for both the official PsyQ/Programmer's Tool and PSn00bSDK, a must read for the serious would-be PlayStation homebrew programmer!

As of 01-15-2021, the tutorial series can now be accessed directly as regular Internet pages without having to log into a SVN repository. Speaking of, the SVN repository can still be accessed from here, which may contain more up to date pages if I'm in the middle of writing a new chapter. As usual, login as annoyingmous as both username and password to access the repo.
Tutorials - Lameguy64's Website