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Open source, developer oriented alternative to Caetla

This is basically my take on a Caetla like firmware for PS1 cheat cartridges, but open source and more developer oriented as I have no plans to implement things like cheat capabilities to n00bROM. Whilst not yet as powerful as Caetla, n00bROM has features not present in vanilla Caetla firmwars.

(All screenshots are captured from real hardware)

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Pre-built Binaries

These files can also be found in the Github repository linked down below if you feel too nancyboy to download anything from this website due to lack of https.

Current Release September 16, 2020 Includes pre-built ROM file, Win32 build of xpcomms and xpcomms source that is guaranteed to work with this version of n00bROM. See changelog for details on what's been changed since the last version.
Old Releases July 31, 2020 May 29, 2020 April 11, 2020

Source Repositories

Github repo This is the recommended repository to pull source code from as its usually the most stable. This is also the recommended repository for creating your own forks if you wish to contribute to this project or tweaking it for your own needs.
Self-hosted SVN This is the self-hosted repository I usually use to sync the project to my other computers. There's a possibility that the code in this repo being more up to date than the Github repo, but be aware that it may be unstable especially when I'm in the midst of implementing a new feature later down the line. I recommend sticking to the Github repository unless you're ready to put up with the nature of this codebase. Think of this as the -indev- or -beta- repository while the Github repository is the stable, ready to use codebase.

Remember to login to the SVN as annoyingmous just like the FTP. It is also not advisable to work off of this codebase as you won't be able to commit changes upstream easily and that I don't share credentials nor create accounts to nobodies on my self-hosted SVN.
N00brom - Lameguy64's Website