Lameguy's PlayStation Programming Series

Welcome to Lameguy64's PlayStation Programming Series! This is a series of tutorials I (Lameguy64) put together in my spare time that covers the basics and eventually, more advanced topics of programming for the original PlayStation.

Keep in mind that this tutorial series assumes you already have prior experience in C programming as PlayStation specific programming topics are only covered here. If you're completely new to programming in general it is recommended to learn C first from a different tutorial series.

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About this tutorial series

I decided to work on this tutorial project to help make PlayStation homebrew programming a little more accessible even though this is likely not going to change much on the state of the PS1 homebrew scene and that nobody has bothered to write good programming tutorials that I'm aware of that don't just use libgs right at the start, usually with very little explanation to how the hardware works which in my opinion is not the right way to teach how to program for the target platform.

The pages are written in plain HTML with minimal CSS styling for compatibility with older browsers so you can conveniently view the pages on your Windows 98 PC that has a DTL-H2000 or similar development hardware equipped.

Why is this a SVN repo and not a wiki or blog series?

Because it is easier for me to update, easier to run, accessible on very old web browsers and I rather self-host my stuff whenever possible. Wikis and things like wordpress can get bent.


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